Unit with automatic drain. Picks up solids and liquids, soundproofed and requires less maintenance. Ideal for people with impaired mobility and/or allergies. Decanter collects items picked up inadvertently or removes accumulated hair and animal fur.

*Unit requires an outdoor exhaust.
*Evacuation pipe kit sold separately.

  • Solid
  • Liquid
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Feature list

  • Picks up solids and liquids
  • Drains directly into the sewer system
  • No bag to empty, no tank to drain; operation is fully automatic!
  • Decanter included for easier maintenance
  • Smart circuit board with electronic timer and indicator lights
  • Porthole window shows the unit in operation and helps with maintenance
  • 2 in. / 50 mm drain
  • Flow rate of 0.3 gal./min. (1.2 L/min.)

Installation manual
Automatik – 700 AW with decanter

Technical specifications




Air Watts 525
Air Watts 700
H2O 125
mmH2O 3605
CFM 150
m3/h 215
Decibels 66
Decibels 66
Motor(s) 1
Motor(s) 1
Amps 8.8
Amps 12
Capacity 18 L 4 gal.
Capacity 18 L 4 gal.
Size 30 cm dia. x 160 cm 12” dia x 63”
Size 30 cm dia. x 160 cm 12” dia x 63”
Product comparison sheet


Never vacuum flammable or gaseous material with your Drainvac system. See user manual.

An outdoor exhaust is required for this model. Use of an Activac 3® is not recommended.

The Automatik model with the decanter option requires a minimum space (from floor to ceiling) of  9′ (2.7m).

I was originally looking for a basic commercial vacuum cleaner, but I ended up buying a Drainvac and it was a great decision. I've had it for 12 years already and it still works like new.


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