Soundproofed, ultra-large-capacity (10 gal. / 46 L), bagless, two-motor unit with cyclonic action. 2 x 355 AW of suction power. Includes a cartridge filter for optimum air filtration and increased motor protection if fine dust is picked up.

* Unit requires an outdoor exhaust.

  • Solid
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Feature list

  • Ultra-large-capacity canister (10 gal. / 46 L)
  • Bagless system
  • Cartridge filter protects motor if fine dust is picked up
  • Cyclonic action generates constant and optimal suction power
  • Muffler and outdoor exhaust included

Installation manual
Cyclonik – 2x355 AW with cartridge

Technical specifications




Air Watts 2x355
Air Watts 2x355
H2O 160
mmH2O 4191
CFM 106
m3/h 198
Decibels 70
Decibels 70
Motor(s) 2
Motor(s) 2
Amps 10.8
Amps 18
Capacity 46 L 10 gal.
Capacity 46 L 10 gal.
Size 38 cm dia. x 95 cm 15'' dia x 38''
Size 38 cm dia. x 95 cm 15'' dia x 38''
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Never vacuum flammable or gaseous material with your Drainvac system. See user manual.

This double motor unit must be connected to an external exhaust. Use of an Activac 3® is not recommended.

I was originally looking for a basic commercial vacuum cleaner, but I ended up buying a Drainvac and it was a great decision. I've had it for 12 years already and it still works like new.


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