Our cleaning systems can handle anything from dust, dirt, food and even liquids. But it may also occur to vacuum plastic bags, dirty rags and such. These oversize items can easily cover a lot of space, can clog certain small gaps and get tangled up with other trash. Consequently, a blocked airflow will make you lose great suction power and can make the system’s motor overheat.

A useful tool: the bag catcher

To overcome this matter, we’ve designed an anti-obstruction system. It is made from galvanized steel rods which were mounted into a conical form (18 inches high by 12 inches in diameter) that fits perfectly into the vacuum’s canister. Oversized items get tangled onto the rods, never interferes with the airflow and are easy to remove. It is the ideal add-on to your vacuum system if you have a car wash with multiple cleaning bays.

Anthony Analetto, President of Sonny’s – Equipment Division, demonstrates how efficient the bag catcher works in a short video.

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