Innovative products

Drainvac designed and developed the first vacuum cleaning system with a patented automatic drain: the “Automatik” model. The canister of this bagless system never needs to be emptied because any dirt picked up is drained into the sewer system. It is virtually maintenance-free and also picks up liquids!

A wide range of products

Drainvac offers a large selection of products for the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Our models can be compact or large-capacity, with a bag or bagless, conventional or designed for picking up liquids too. We also offer specialized units for residential use and different types of industries: car washes, hotels, restaurants, industrial environments, etc. There is also a wide range of accessories available in stock or upon request.

Time saving

A fast and efficient service combined with units so powerful that you don't have to clean the same place twice: Drainvac saves you time.


After purchasing a Drainvac system, it takes sometimes 20 years before certain customers come back to us to replace their unit. At a time when nothing seems to be built to last, we are proud to be the exception to the rule.

Quiet operation

We have units with soundproofed canisters that emit only 58 decibels, air outlets with mufflers, and models with separate motors that can be installed away from the cleaning head: all innovations that decrease noise pollution.

Custom-designed systems

In addition to our extensive catalog of Drainvac products and accessories, there are still situations when specialized products are necessary. For example, in the industrial sector, requirements are often very specific and equipment needs to be adapted and customized. This is one of our greatest strengths.

Compare a portable Shop-Vac cleaner with a commercial Drainvac system

The initial purchase cost is certainly high. But it results in huge savings in the long term, especially when it comes to replacement parts. It's a very reliable system!


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