Designed for regular maintenance in all industry types, including automotive, agricultural, food, military, retail and factories. Customized design with three-phase motors supporting up to 6 users at the same time without loss of power.

Benefits of an industrial system

  • Supports up to 6 users simultaneously.
  • Picks up solids and liquids.
  • Drains automatically into the sewer system or can be channeled into a drain.
  • No cartridge or filter to maintain.
  • No after-cleaning required.
  • Custom-designed systems for your specific needs.
  • Can be combined with a “Variable Frequency Drive” option.
  • Can be combined with a pipe cleaning system.

Motor features

Our industrial systems are all powered by Regent inverter-duty motors. There are also more choices available other than the units shown above. Note that performance may differ when a frequency of 50 Hz is used.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) option

All our systems can be fitted with a control panel that can be programmed to adjust the motor power according to the number of current users. This can lead to both money and energy savings. Wi-Fi functionality also means the power can be controlled remotely. Contact us for more information about the VFD option.

Automatic pipe cleaning system

It is also possible to install a unit that automatically cleans your piping system. Automated valves propel water into the piping at strategic locations and then start the unit to dry the pipes.

These valves are connected to an electrical panel which is scheduled to run periodically up to three cycles per day. If necessary, manual valves can also be installed at strategic high-use locations.

Contact us for more details.

Technical specifications


Max. Airflow 620 m3/h 17.6 ft3/h
Max. Vacuum -330 mbar 133 in.wg
Stage 1
Noise Level 79 dB
Nb of Users 2
Capacity 68 L 15 imp. gal.
Drain 100 mm 4 in
Max. Airflow 620 m3/h 17.6 ft3/h
Max. Vacuum -490 mbar 197 in.wg
Stage 2
Noise Level 78 dB
Nb of Users 4
Capacity 68 L 15 imp. gal.
Drain 100 mm 4 in
Max. Airflow 1310 m3/min 37 ft3/min
Max. Vacuum -430 mbar 173 in.wg
Stage 2
Noise Level 84 dB
Nb of Users 6
Capacity 68 L 15 imp. gal.
Drain 100 mm 4 in

The initial purchase cost is certainly high. But it results in huge savings in the long term, especially when it comes to replacement parts. It's a very reliable system!


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