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Drainvac is a Quebec company with a vision for the future. But the future cannot be conceived of without a global concern for the environment and sustainable development. This is the reason we have instituted many recovery and recycling measures.

Drainvac offers the greatest range of products on the market, one of which is unique:a vacuum that drains automatically. So far, no other similar product comes close to the impressive characteristics of this vacuum invented by Conrad Sévigny.

The small family business founded by Mr. Sévigny in 1982 in Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada) rapidly became a thriving company. Leader in the vacuum industry and producer of the first central vacuum for liquids and solids connected to a drain, Drainvac has many retail dealers in North America and an impressive network of distributors in more than 25 countries around the world.

Better known as the Drainvac Automatik, this revolutionary machine—considered to be the best on the market environmentally—connects directly to the water pipes and sewer drainage of a house or business. The principle is simple: water, suction, and a drain. With the automatic-drain vacuum, there are no more bags to change and no more filters to clean—it empties itself.

As soon as the vacuum is turned on, water sprays at the opening where dust enters the appliance. The dust becomes heavier and settles to the bottom of the tank. The tank is sealed by a valve that remains closed when the vacuum is in operation. After 15 minutes, the vacuum stops automatically. As soon as the vacuum stops, the tank empties itself for 10 seconds into the sewer drain of the house or business. Then the vacuum automatically starts again. This cycle repeats itself for as long as the vacuum is in operation. When the vacuum is turned off, the water drains. Water never accumulates in the tank so it remains clean.
Watch video for an animated explanation.

Most importantly, like all other Drainvac machines, the automatic-drain vacuum can be used to do the weekly household cleaning.

In addition, it can be used to:

  • Empty a spa.
  • Empty a blocked sink, bath, or toilet.
  • Wash the household carpets and couches.
  • Wash the carpets and seats in the car.
  • Wash the windowsills.
  • Wash the cement floor in the garage.
  • Pick up all spilled liquids.
  • And much more...

The only time water travels through the vacuum’s hose and pipes is when picking up liquid. This might leave the hose and pipes dirty. To clean them, simply vacuum some clean water from a sink. Then, leave the vacuum on to suck in air for 10 minutes. This will dry out the hose and pipes.

Maintenance must be done as stipulated in the manufacturer’s warranty, that is, every 5 years.

An airwatt is a unit of power that is measured using airflow (CFM | m3/h) and suction (H2O | mmH2O).

An airwatt measures the global performance of a vacuum’s motor, and, therefore, its efficiency.

This unit of measurement reflects the power of a central vacuum’s motor and its suction capacity. The higher its value, the more power the vacuum has to pick up heavy debris or to clean carpets down deep.

This unit of measurement represents the quantity of air displaced in cubic feet per minute (or cubic meters per hour) throughout the central vacuum’s system and its pipes. The higher its value, the easier it is to vacuum up debris over a long distance and to pass rapidly over the floor.

Suction (H2O | mmH2O)

When the central vacuum will be used mainly on carpeting or area rugs.
In commercial or industrial environments that require a lot of suction.
For large-diameter pipes, greater suction will optimize the performance of your vacuum.

Airflow (CFM | m3/h)

When the central vacuum will be used mainly on large, smooth, flat surfaces such as hardwood or ceramic floors.
In these conditions, high airflow will allow you to go faster and thus reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning!
For small-diameter pipes, higher airflow will optimize the performance of your vacuum.

*We recommend using an electric broom on carpeting or area rugs if your central vacuum has greater airflow compared to suction ability.

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