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NFPA Certified

Commercial and industrial vacuum systems meeting NFPA standards are part of Drainvac expertise thanks to its experience of nearly 40 years in the industry!


The Drainvac Difference

A powerful & ingenious central vacuum

DRAINVAC designed and developed the first central vacuum with a patented automatic drain. Our units are so powerful that the Drainvac Automatik central vacuum system can empty a blocked sink in seconds!

DRAINVAC offers some of the largest canisters available for central vacuum systems. They are made from polypropylene and parts are made from galvanized or stainless steel: unbreakable materials that do not rust.

Installed away from living areas, noise from the DRAINVAC's central vacuum motor is greatly reduced or even non-existent. Some of our models are soundproofed and emit only 58 decibels.


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