Automatic pipe cleaning systems

Automatic pipe cleaning system

Keep your pipelines clean at all times with the automated pipeline cleaning system. An essential complement for commercial and industrial systems that vacuum liquid substances.

Advantages :

  • Keeps the pipes from clogging.
  • Keeps constant suction power.
  • Considerably reduces maintenance.
  • The system can be activated manually if necessary.
  • Fully configurable

How does it work?

1. When the automated system starts its cleaning cycle, it starts up the vacuum system to circulate an airflow at all times.

2. Next, water is propelled by intermittency in the pipe lines.

3. Finally, water stops running but the air continues to flow in order to dry the pipelines. Then the vacuum system stops afterwards.

Install up to 10 valves on the same piping system for an optimal cleaning!

Control & Program

The automated cleaning option includes a control panel which lets you control and program up to 3 cycles per day.

By default, a control box is supplied with a industrial system and the control panel is incorporated. If you do not have an industrial system, a control box will be added.