Regen-type motor that produces 30 HP of vacuum power. Can be used by 3 to 6 users simultaneously and can withstand long consecutive hours. The motor requires minimum maintenance and is covered by a stainless steel housing which includes an hour meter.

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  • Stainless steel casing
  • 4" (10 cm) air inlet and outlet
  • 20,000 hours of usage before any maintenance is required

Technical specifications



Frequency 60 Hz/50 Hz
Power 22 kW (30 HP)
Voltage 690-725 400-500
Amps 21 36.5
CFM 971 (1650 m3/h)
Vacuum 130 H2O (-320 mbar)
Size 79.5 cm x 87.6 cm x 90.4 cm 31.3" x 34.5" x 35.6"


Commercial Brochure
Commercial Brochure


Never vacuum flammable or gaseous material with your Drainvac system.

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Warranty for this product

  • Motor(s) : 1 year or 2000 hours
    (mandatory inspection and cleaning of the unit and motor(s) after 1000 hours at customer’s expense)
  • Electrical panel : 1 year or 2000 hours
  • Casing : 10 years
  • Labor : 1 year or 2000 hours (at an authorized Drainvac dealer or plant). Shipping and travel are at the customer's expense.
  • Drainvac accessories : 90 days
  • Regular accessories : 90 days
  • Replacement parts : 90 days
  • * Specific condition : Impellers must be cleaned and bearings must be replaced between 15,000 and 18,000 hours of usage.
  • See terms and conditions

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* Terms and conditions

The warranty covers all defects in manufacturing and materials produced by Drainvac International 2006 Inc. It excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, or any modifications to the product. Drainvac cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or special damage resulting from use of the product.

Keep all receipts / proof of purchase for your unit. The date on these documents is used to establish the warranty period. If a request for warranty service is made, you must present these proof of purchase documents. If proof of purchase cannot be produced, the warranty period will be determined by the product’s manufacture date.

The warranty does not apply if the standard maintenance procedures recommended by Drainvac have not been followed or if a repair has been made by an unauthorized Drainvac retailer. Furthermore, the warranty is void: if damage is caused by misuse or inappropriate use of the appliance (refer to the recommendations in the user manual); if damage is caused by vacuuming plaster dust or other similar fine dust; if the unit is damaged by fire after vacuuming ashes or cigarette butts; following a change of owner or location of the original installation; if damage is caused by a flood, by any other natural disaster or electrical overload.

* Conditions common to all types of use (residential, commercial and industrial):

  • The motor warranty is valid only if the carbon motor brushes wear out in an abnormal or uneven manner (one brush is completely worn while the other is almost new). If the two carbon brushes are both completely worn, this is considered normal wear and tear and the motor is therefore not eligible for repair or replacement under warranty.
  • The use of dust bags, bag filter, foam filter and cartridge filter is required for devices that work with bags and/or filters.
    Improper installation of these could allow dust to infiltrate the motor(s) and void the warranty. In addition, the wear of the filters is considered normal and is not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover piping, fittings, plugs or improper installation.
  • Shipping and travel are at the customer’s expense.
  • Proper maintenance of the device is suggested during the warranty period and proper maintenance of filters is also suggested as needed.