11 May 2010

Drainvac and Adèle.. joining forces against dust.

The Grand Prize of the “Take a Break from Housecleaning for a Year” contest was awarded to Ms. Julie Savoie from Boutique Chapman in Gatineau on May 12th of this year. The contest was aired on Canal V...

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07 Apr 2009

Drainvac in Israel since 2009

Thanks to Mr. Ozer Ziv, Drainvac products have been distributed in Israel since 2009. Mr. Ziv visited Drainvac at the beginning of May 2010 to see our products on site. The visit was also an opportuni...

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02 Jun 2008

France Visits Québec

Beyond doing business, there are also leisure activities. Drainvac distributors from France and Switzerland had an opportunity to discover the pleasures of Québec winters, first by changing a flat tir...

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03 Apr 2007

Drainvac’s 25th Anniversary November 2007

Speech by the President and founder, Mr. Conrad Sévigny Vice-President, Martin Sévigny, presents the latest technologies.. A memorable event that was appreciated by all....

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01 Apr 2003

Opening September 2003

The president, Mr. Conrad Sévigny, had his dream of having his plant alongside highway 20 come true....

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