Central vacuums are generally powerful appliances that helps us keep our homes clean.

Although they might seem strong and rugged, certain materials require extra precautions when vacuumed, and some should never be picked up by a central vacuum!

1. Construction Debris

Construction debris such as wood dust and drywall dust are very fine particles that can pass through the unit’s filter and can damage the motor.

2. Ashes

Like construction debris, ashes are fine enough to move through the unit's filter and damage the motor. It is difficult to sweep because it tends to levitate and extra precaution must be taken because ashes can stay hot for over 72 hours and may start a fire!

The best way to collect ashes is to dampen it beforehand and pick them up with a broom and dustpan.

3. Glass

Broken glass tends to get stuck in the hose and piping of your vacuum cleaner and can damage them. They can also damage the filter and the bag of your vacuum cleaner.

Things that only Drainvac’s Automatik can clean

Drainvac's Automatik has the advantage of being able to vacuum liquids and empty itself directly into the sewer. It can therefore pick up wet waste. However, if you do not have an Automatik, you should be more careful with the following materials:

1. Liquids

As we have mentioned, it is perfectly safe to vacuum liquids with the Automatik. However, if you have a conventional vacuum cleaner, you should limit yourself to solid materials. Otherwise, you risk damaging your vacuum cleaner.

2. Coffee grounds

Coffee lovers know that cleaning your coffee maker can sometimes be a challenge. It keeps moisture in and can develop mold in the filter of your appliance. Although it is difficult to pick up, you should never use a conventional vacuum cleaner to get rid of wet coffee. Coffee particles also tend to stick to the vacuum cleaner's piping and make it impossible to clean. If you are using the Automatik for coffee grounds, remember to vacuum water before storing the hose in order to clean the piping, otherwise the wet debris could sink or cause mold.

3. Wet soil

Just like coffee grounds, wet soil will block the filter or the pipes of your machine. It is therefore recommended to use a broom and a dustpan.... Or an Automatik!

By being extra careful with these materials will help you maintain the performance of your unit and ensure its durability. A central vacuum system is a very effective ally to help you with your cleaning tasks. However, you must know how to take care of it to keep it for a long time!

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