How your business appears to your customers is very important. A clean environment is always more inviting and pleasant than a dirty one. To do so, you must have the proper equipment that suits your business type and its ambitions.

When starting a business, you must manage several things and it’s sometimes difficult to find your way through all the cleaning options available. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of all these options.

Choosing a Broom and a Mop

Most merchants start with a broom and mop to clean, an inexpensive solution if you have a small shop. However, this method has several limitations, starting with your ambitions! If you are planning to expand your shop, your employees will waste valuable time to clean with these simple tools. In addition, a broom and a mop are ineffective for large volumes of dust and liquid.

Choosing a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner or "shop vac" is obviously more expensive but opting for such a device can help you clean more efficiently by allowing you to clean larger volumes of dust and liquid at a faster rate. However, employees will have to periodically interrupt their cleaning operations to empty the canister.

Also, retailers must not neglect the fact that portable vacuum cleaners are very noisy. Vacuuming during service hours may disturb and annoy customers. If you have a large area to clean, you may need more than one unit and the costs can add up very quickly. Finally, it’s important to remember that your employees lose mobility with this type of equipment because they always have to carry the tank.

Choosing a Cleaning Crew

Some business owners would rather hire a cleaning crew than to clean themselves; a solution that can be useful for large surface areas or if the owner does not have efficient time. Although they are generally effective, hiring cleaning companies represents ongoing costs and does not constitute a long-term investment.

Such companies do not necessarily clean your shop daily. So you will not have optimal cleanliness every day and you may even need to purchase some equipment of your own in order to maintain a standard level of cleanliness during the days which the company do not visit.

Choosing a Central Vacuum Cleaner

Opting for a central vacuum cleaner represents a significant acquisition cost, but you will quickly get a return on your investment. A central vacuum system offers the possibility to clean larger surfaces in an efficient way. It's also a solution that allows you to vacuum larger volumes of dust and liquid.

If the noise level and the tranquility of your customers are a concern, it is possible to choose a model and installation that will allow you to use the unit during your business hours by positioning the motor in a low-traffic area. Some vacuum systems even offer the possibility of being used by several employees simultaneously. And finally, there are vacuum cleaners that can be emptied directly into the sewer, saving your staff valuable time.

Starting a business is not an easy task and finding a cleaning solution that fits your needs is even harder. A broom and a mop are suitable for small businesses. A handheld vacuum cleaner will vacuum dust and liquids but emits a lot of noise. A central vacuum is a solution for businesses that want to expand and have a long-term vision. The comparison chart below can help you make the right choice for your business: