For quick cleaning or for situations where getting out all the equipment seems to be a big hassle, Drainvac offers accessories and complementary equipment that are really useful and enjoyable. In a world where everything must be done quicker, the following add-ons might interest you.

Cleaning Countertops and Tables

To clean a counter for example, getting out the hose might take longer than cleaning the surface area in question. It is in these kinds of situations where the Wallyflex finds its place. The Wallyflex is a 13' (4 m) expandable hose that is mounted onto the wall, around eye level, and is connected to the same piping network as all the inlets around the residence. Designed to clean counters and tables, the Wallyflex is the most practical in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the workshop.

Cleaning Floor Messes

The same principle applies for small messes found on the ground, where taking out the whole hose from the closet would be a big waste of time for such a small task. In this case, the Vacpan can save you loads of time and it is also connected directly to the same piping network as your central vacuum. A little foot tap on the front panel will open the dustpan and a quick sweep does the trick, without the need to bend over.

Take into consideration the benefits of these accessories when you shop for a central vacuum and think about the different places in your house where it could be useful. Also, know that we offer a wide range of accessories for: cleaning with water, pet care and several specialized tools of all kinds. For details, visit here :

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