Easy maintenance, low noise levels and the required space are very important aspects to consider when purchasing a new central vacuum system. On the quest for the best vacuum to suit your needs, know that different configurations can act on these three aspects, such as the decanter and the split.

Central Vacuum Easy to Maintain

If you are looking to buy a central vacuum system with easy maintenance, the decanter option is perfect for you. It is actually the most recommended option by the Drainvac experts. Also known as "the lower canister", the decanter catches accidentally vacuumed materials, hair accumulations, etc. But in the eventuality where the decanter would take too much space in height, it can be removed.

Lowering the Noise Level of a Central Vacuum

In order to reduce the number of decibels close to where the vacuum is installed, Drainvac suggests you explore the split head configuration. This option is generally used to position the motor in a distant room in order to reduce the noise that your central vacuum produces.

But know that if the vacuum is installed in the basement and that the space in height is limited, the split head option can also serve to reduce the height of the central vacuum system by positioning the head at a lower level. This option can also be combined with the decanter configuration mentioned earlier.

Take the time to explore all the available configurations for our different systems, as some can be very interesting and advantageous on maintenance, sound and space wise. For more information, give us a call!