It is common to see an employee trip, slip or lose balance while at work. We call this a same-level fall because the employee stays on the same floor.

What are Dangers in the Workplace?

Several elements can cause a fall. These include the floormaterial, a poorly cleaned or cluttered floor, non-conform shoes or poor visibility.

How to Create a Safer Workplace?

Anything that can be found on the floor including liquid and dust is a risk and can provoke a slipping or tripping accident. It is therefore important to have a safe working environment, clear of any type of hazards, which many products produced by Drainvac can help you with.

The Automatik model allows you to vacuum not only dust but liquids as well. Just like a toilet, it flushes the waste down the drain, saving a lot of time to your employees. To know more about the Automatik, click here :

If flushing down in the sewer is not an option, the Cyclonik models can also be a good solution: they are soundproofed, bagless and carries a large capacity canister. It also includes a cartridge filter to optimally filter the air and to prevent very fine dust from reaching the motor:

If you need to catch important volumes of fine particles, a stainless-steel separator is the best choice. This unit also complies with NFPA standards and therefore helps prevent fire hazards in the workplace. It also contains a cartridge filter that is periodically cleaned by a programmable automated system:

A cleaning operation can also become a risk. For example, an employee can trip over a vacuum hose that was left on the ground. But a reeling system like the VacReel can prevent that from happening: the VacReel allows you to store the hose away effortlessly and in an orderly manner after each use. It can be installed on the ceiling or the wall, freeing a lot of ground space. In addition, the user must always hold the hose while using the VacReel, therefore he always knows where the hose is located. For more info about the VacReel, click here :

Although they may seem harmless or even embarrassing, falls from the same level are still a risk to be taken seriously. As an employer, it is important to take necessary measures to prevent such events and make sure your employees are safe. A well-adapted vacuum system is part of the solution to prevent workplace incidents and Drainvac can help you with that, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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