For cleaning companies or disaster clean-up experts, traveling from a customer to another is an integral part of the job. To ensure a quality service, these companies must still be able to count on the best cleaning devices possible. That's why Drainvac designs commercial central vacuums that combine mobility and performance to allow these businesses to thrive.

Mobile Central Vacuum, Durable and Efficient
For companies that provide home cleaning services, it is essential for them to have their own mobile cleaning devices. But it is also important to offer the best possible service. That's why Drainvac mobile vacuums are perfect for this type of business! Combining mobility, efficiency, durability and being very easy to use, these devices are a much better choice than cheaper portable vacuum systems, as explained here.
For disaster clean-up experts
The perfect device for disaster clean-up experts is the ProXtrak. This vacuum can be easily brought anywhere and empties itself into a floor drain, in the toilet or outdoors on the ground. For a company that owns a truck mount, the DV2P552 model is ideal: this vacuum works with the truck, thus requiring no motor. For a company that does not have a truck mount, there are also the models DV2P56 and DV2P57 which have their own motor, offering a suction power of 2.1 to 4.8 HP. In order to increase a cleaning company's success, getting a portable and powerful vacuum cleaner like the ProXtrak is a great option!
What are the best accessories for my central vacuum?
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Buying A Commercial Or Industrial Central Vacuum?
Several users at a time The industrial system allows multiple users to work simultaneously from the same system. For example, if a job requires 4 people, you will need 4 commercial units, while only o...
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