In order to ease your cleaning task with a central vacuum, it is important to choose the right accessories to meet your needs. This article presents several of these tools and their usefulness in your home or market place.

Which tools and brushes do I need?

At Drainvac, a wide range of different tools are available: crevice tools, upholstery tools, dusting tools and more! Offered in various lengths and made of different materials, these accessories each have their own specialties. Drainvac also offers several types of brushes that fulfill different roles.

Two Types of Brooms for a Central Vacuum

The carpet brooms can be categorized into two categories: the turbo broom and the electric broom. Very affordable, the turbo broom generally satisfies the needs of any consumer, its brushes rotate mechanically by suction force produced by the unit's motor.

However, if you were to clean a larger carpet area, or if more power is necessary, getting an electric broom is the better option. This broom holds its name because the brushes are powered by an electrical supply, thus not reducing any suction power of the central vacuum.

Commercial Accessories for Central Vacuums

In the business sector, it is equally important to have the right accessories in order to provide the best service possible. For example, the VacReel, an automatic retractable hose system, is perfect for a car wash. Installed on the wall or the ceiling, it allows the user to easily and quickly access the hose. This accessory allows you to free the floor, reducing any risk of injury.

In addition, Drainvac offers a variety of accessories and tools for car washes, hotels, restaurants and other types of businesses, such as rugged accessory kits, squeegees, high jet pressure tools, all kinds of cuffs, aluminum wands, etc.

The range of accessories available to facilitate your cleaning tasks are very wide! All you need to do is find which ones fit best to your needs and you're done! To learn more about the various accessories adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!

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