The central vacuum cleaner is a high-performance device that helps you in the constant struggle of keeping your home clean. As a result, this appliance is in constant contact with dirt and the central vacuum may emit unpleasant odors, especially if you have pets. This inconvenience can happen to anyone and there are solutions to solve the problem.

1. Change the vacuum’s bag

If your unit relies on a bag to trap the vacuumed material, it may be possible that bad odors are coming from it. In a normal maintenance of a central vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to change the bag regularly. If this task has not been completed in a while, it may end up giving off unpleasant odors.

2. Clean the vacuum’s internal filter

If your vacuum cleaner has a cartridge filter or a cage filter, it is totally possible to clean it. You can run a cartridge filter under water, let it dry well, and then put it back in its place.

In the case of a cage filter, it can be machine washed. However, it must be air dried. Putting it in the dryer would make it unusable.

3. Change your vacuum’s exhaust filter

If your device has an exhaust filter like the Activac 3, remember that this filters the air and picks up odors. It may be the cause of your problem. In this case, the filter must be replaced with a new one. Even if the vacuum cleaner does not emit an odor, it is recommended to change the filter once a year for prevention.

If your vacuum has an outdoor exhaust, the bad odors will not be emitted in the house. The muffler therefore cannot be the cause if an odor problem arises. You can then see to change the vacuum’s bag or clean the canister.

4. Clean the canister

If you have a unit with cyclonic action, you probably know that the dirt collected by your vacuum is accumulated into the canister. It is then totally possible that the bad odors come from that area.

In addition to regular emptying, you can clean your canister with some soap and water. This should eliminate unpleasant odors. This operation can also be applied for vacuum cleaners that work with a bag.

5. Scented products

There are different scented products that exist for central vacuum cleaners. They come in different forms such as suction balls or pellets that are placed in the device’s canister.

The quality of these products varies enormously and they are not enough to eliminate bad odors on their own. However, they can diffuse a pleasant scent in the room where your vacuum cleaner is located.

If after trying all the solutions mentioned in this text, you still detect bad odors, the problem may be with the piping. This is often the case for Retraflex systems where the hose is permanently housed in the wall. If so, do not hesitate to contact a retailer who can help you fix the problem.

Remember that the best way to prevent odors is to perform regular maintenance on your unit. Changing the bags and emptying the central vacuum canister are tasks that contribute to its proper functioning and durability!