Comparing the initial price between two vacuums may not be necessarily the best way to distinguish the most profitable one, particularly for commercial purposes. The presumption can be misleading when you compare, for example, a portable vacuum unit to a Drainvac commercial central vacuum. Even if it implies a bigger initial investment, the Drainvac vacuum system is greatly advantageous by offering better performance, greater convenience and more profitability in the long run than its competitor.

Effective central vacuum

By choosing our commercial line instead of a portable vacuum, you clearly benefit from a superior performance. While the portable unit only allows one user to work at a time, the Drainvac commercial vacuums allow up to two users to work simultaneously.

Furthermore, the tank capacity of an Automatik system is, in some way, unlimited: it drains itself automatically after a few minutes. As for a portable unit, the tank must be emptied manually and frequently. This advantage from the Drainvac system saves you a lot of time in a day: spread throughout several weeks, these minutes become valuable.

In addition, a commercial system's suction power is about 75% higher than a portable vacuum. Considering all these benefits, a Drainvac commercial central vacuum system, used in a carwash for example, can clean approximately 150 cars per day, whereas its rival can only clean 100.

Practical and fun to use central vacuum

Subsequently, our commercial systems are way more convenient and pleasant to use than any portable devices. Portable units always stand close to the user, producing negative elements such as noise, unpleasant odours and increases the risk of scratching and bumping into a vehicle if used in a carwash. With a commercial Drainvac system, the central vacuum is located far away from the user(s), eliminating any inconveniences! Furthermore, given that there is no device to move around, the user(s) do not lose any time and can clean an entire car within the hose's reach.

Monetize your central vacuum

Time is money. Considering all the time gained by its increased performance, the automatic draining function, the number of cars it washes per day and the benefit of having a stationary system, the commercial vacuum systems are a lot more profitable than the portable systems on the long run. Moreover, a portable system has a life expectancy of 12 to 18 months while a Drainvac commercial system can live well beyond 20 years with light periodic maintenance.

To conclude, be aware that the total price of a vacuum is determined by many factors. Ask yourself about all these factors before buying a central vacuum system in order to choose the one that will suit your needs the most. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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