In order to get the most profitability out of your central vacuum system, necessary measures must be applied to increase the longevity and durability of the device. To do so, periodical maintenance of certain components is key, but you can also add some available options to sustain the quality of your system. In the following article, you will be enlightened on the different factors to consider to get the best out of your device, for as long as possible!

The central vacuum's motor maintenance frequency

Maintenance-wise, the replacement of the motor's carbon brushes is essential. The motor relies on these brushes to run, but wear out after 500 hours of use, on average. When the time comes for a replacement, we recommend calling your closest retailer, but the unit can also be brought directly to Drainvac for maintenance procedures.

The Automatik: a central vacuum almost maintenance-free

For the Automatik series, several of its components are designed to simplify the maintenance procedures: a porthole window lets you reach inside the device for it to be cleaned when necessary, while the control panel notifies you when the carbon brushes are due. The Automatik system with the decanter option is another great way to facilitate maintenance by preventing any obstruction of the pipeline leading to the sewers. Moreover, our commercial and industrial systems include an hour meter which indicates the time usage of the system to advise the next maintenance.

Considering the fact that commercial and industrial systems are used in a harsher environment than a residential unit, complementary add-ons and other options can be added to preserve the longevity of the cleaning system.

Protect the vacuum with a separator

The separator is a motorless unit that can be installed between the central vacuum and the vacuum inlet. A separator equipped with a filter, for example, can be connected to an existing system and increase its lifespan by intercepting harmful substances before it reaches the motor. A separator can also intercept bigger sized waste that could obstruct the pipeline.

Save energy produced by the motor

For the industrial sector, the Variable Frequency Drive adjusts the motor's power according to the number of users. This process increases the lifespan of the motor and makes you save up to 30% of energy at the same time!

Pipe cleaning system

High-pressure water jets can be added throughout the pipelines. They are strategically placed in order to clean specific areas where denser substances are more likely to be vacuumed. The automatic pipe cleaning system propels water in an intermittent manner, then keeps the central vacuum running to dry down the pipelines. Cleaning the pipelines on a regular basis will prevent any clogging from occurring while keeping a constant and optimal suction power, thereby avoiding costly repairs.

Finally, as much as on the residential, commercial or industrial level, Drainvac offers durable units that are well preserved by proper maintenance and good complements. The longevity of our products is actually our trademark and is well appreciated by many of our customers. At a time when nothing seems to be built to last, we are proud to be the exception to the rule!

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