Drainvac and the MIRA Foundation have been partners for many years now and today, we are pleased to annonce that we have renewed our partnership for another consecutive year!

Since our association with MIRA, a lot has been going on during the last couple of years: we’ve participated in a blind race… twice (Défi Vision MIRA), gave away two systems which included accessory kits in a Holland auction via Tuango and sold numerous vacuum systems by the name of MIRA. As of today, a grand total of $30 000 was given to the foundation and we couldn’t of done it without you! On behalf of MIRA and the Drainvac team, it is with great gratitude that we thank you for all of your contributions. Thanks to you, many people who require social assistance took their life back.

For more information about the MIRA Foundation or if you would like to make a donation, visit their website.