On December 17, 2018, TVA Nouvelles presented a group of students of Université de Sherbrooke who established a machine designed to clean public beaches from plastic particles that can harm birds and sea animals.

After several research, the students realized that there was no efficient way, nor device to pick up such waste, so they decided to invent their own by using Drainvac units and a decanter system that filters liquids and sand from the micro-plastics. The quantity of plastic vacuumed in a day is equivalent to the work accomplished by 150 volunteers.

2 years and $75,000 later, the school project will not stay on the university's ground. The vacuum system will rather serve to clean one of the most polluted beaches in the world: Kamilo beach, located on the southeastern coast of Hawaii. The students associated themselves with an organism that already cleans the beach, where 90% of the waste is made of plastic.

After winning a contest, the students will be able to present their machine in San Francisco and think about commercializing their invention.

Drainvac is extremely proud to be part of such amazing work, and we would like to congratulate the students for their great ingenuity!

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