When we think of a central vacuum, collecting dust and debris from the floor is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, this overlooked appliance can do much more for you, it is the best ally in keeping your home clean for many reasons. Here are 11 surprising chores for which you can use a central vacuum system :

1. Brush Your Pets

If you have a large dog, you know that our furry companions can leave a lot of hair around the house and a central vacuum may be one of the best ways to get rid of them.

But did you know that it's possible to brush your pet with your vacuum cleaner? There is even a tool dedicated for this purpose, just make sure your pet enjoys this as it can be frightening for some.

2. Remove Dust from Your Curtains

Curtains made of heavy materials can absorb dust very easily, which can accumulate in your home and increase allergy development, but the central vacuum cleaner is a great solution to clean them. To do this, you can mount the upholstery tool onto the hose and go over your curtains. It is advisable to do this as often as you can. Washing the curtains once or twice a year may also help reduce dust accumulation.

Cleaning curtains made of light materials is a delicate task for which the central vacuum cleaner can also help. Some hoses have an air regulator (generally located at the end of the handle), by opening it, the air's power suction decreases. If your hose does not allow for this you should avoid cleaning lighter curtains with your device.

3. Clean the Blinds

Like the curtains, you can use the central vacuum to lift the dust off your blinds by going over the blades with the appropriate tool.

4. Clean Your Sofa

The central vacuum cleaner is very efficient to clean your couches. You can thoroughly vacuum the dust and dirt accumulated into your sofa’s fabric with the appropriate upholstery tool. You can also remove bad odors by applying baking soda and letting it sit for about 24 hours beforehand.

5. Clean the Window Tracks

The window and patio door tracks are hard to reach, thus hard to clean. Nevertheless, a central vacuum cleaner that generates proper power and a crevice tool will be help you clean these types of cleaning task more efficiently.

6. Cleaning a Computer Keyboard

A computer keyboard is the perfect place for dust and detritus to accumulate. If used daily, it is important to keep them clean but many of us neglect our keyboards because reaching between every key is near impossible unless they are taken out. However, there are accessory kits dedicated for this purpose!

7. Vacuuming Liquid Materials

Drainvac's Cyclonik and Automatik models can vacuum liquid materials. Having this option is always convenient for certain cleaning tasks and can make the difference in case of unexpected water damage.

8. Cleaning Car Seats, Chairs and Armchairs

If you own a vacuum cleaner that can pick up liquid materials, you can get a cleaning kit that deep cleans fabrics. This will help you keep all your upholstery such as chairs and car seats clean.

These types of kits use a water jet cleaning tool that soaks the upholstery, then vacuums the soiled water, drying the seat, all in one go!

9. Storing Clothes

You read that right! A central vacuum cleaner can help you store your clothes more efficiently!

Although there are dedicated bags for this purpose, a standard garbage bag is perfectly fine. To proceed, hold the bag’s opening tightly around the hose, then tie a knot when all the air has been vacuumed out. A vacuum unit that generates high water column will work best for this.

10. Dusting

By combining your central vacuum with a proper dusting tool will help you get rid of dust accumulation on your furniture and shelves.

11. Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

By getting a microfiber mop brush, you can clean the dust accumulations off your walls and ceilings without damaging them. For optimal results, we recommend using a different mop brush for your walls/ceilings and floors.

Whether you choose a unit like the G2 series that comes with a bag, the Cyclonik series that works on the principle of cyclonic aspiration or the Automatik series that is designed to vacuum liquids, you will get a polyvalent unit that can handle all the tasks mentioned in this article.

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