Cyclonic action vacuums are a staple in the central vacuum industry and are very popular with consumers.

Drainvac currently produces three models of these bagless vacuums that trap dirt at the bottom of their canister.

Vacuum Cleaners for Liquids and Solids

Drainvac's Cyclonik series is a hybrid system where some models can even vacuum liquids.

The models in this series: the DV1R800, the DV1R12-CT and the DV1R15-CT are all bagless. They are equipped with a large capacity tank and a permanent filter.

Their impact-resistant polypropylene casing is made in Canada and are lifetime warrantied. They come with an AudioProtek muffler that reduces the noise that comes with the high frequencies emitted by the vacuum.

Cyclonic Vacuum Models

Drainvac currently manufactures three cyclonic models: the DV1R800, DV1R12-CT and DV1R15-CT, each with a large 10 Imp. Gal. (46 L) canister and capable of handling up to 9500 square feet.

The DV1R800 is the basic model of the Cyclonik series. It is designed to vacuum dry materials only. It has a power of 800 AW and the noise emitted by its motor does not exceed 60 decibels.

The DV1R12-CT on the other hand Can vacuum solid and liquid materials. Unlike model DV1R800, it is equipped with a cartridge filter that protects the motor from fine dust, it can generate 700 AW of power by a motor that works with carbon brushes which last twice as long as other models.

Finally, the DV1R15-CT is our most powerful Cyclonik model, powered by two 355 AW motors which operates on a 30 A circuit. Its cartridge filter provides optimal air filtration and protects the motor from fine dust.

If you are looking for a hybrid system that allows you to vacuum both liquids and solids, without having to change bags, and that offers optimal performance, the Cyclonik series is made for you. Available in three models, they meet your power needs and your budget!

If you live in Canada, you can purchase Cyclonik models online here : or at one of our many retailers :

If you live in the United States, follow this link :

You can also compare the models by referring to the grid below :

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