Since its invention at the end of the 1980s, the cyclonic vacuum cleaner has slowly become one the most sought type of central vacuum. Despite the popularity of these bagless models, most people are not aware of how they work, their advantages and disadvantages. So, let's demystify the cyclonic vacuum for you!

How Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners Works?

The operating process of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is relatively simple: it is based on the shape of its tank. If you look at the picture on your right, you will notice that it forms a funnel.

This causes an air cyclone to form when the unit is operating. The vacuumed materials that have previously passed through a filter will be trapped in the vortex and the heavier particles will fall to the bottom of the tank. In short, the cyclone separates air and dust.

The Advantages of Cyclonic Vacuuming

If you purchase a cyclonic-type model, you should know that they have a lot of advantages :

1. It is an Economical Solution

Since the dust falls directly into the tank, there is no need to buy a bag. You will therefore save on their cost.

2. Power

Since they do not have a bag, the cyclonic action models keep a constant power that never drops.

3. Some Drainvac Models Can Vacuum Liquids

Drainvac's DV1R12-CT and DV1R15-CT cyclonic action models clean up liquids which is always convenient for picking up this type of mess.

4. They are Ecological

Cyclonic vacuums do not produce any waste since the dust accumulates directly in the tank. You only have to empty it once it is full!

Is a Cyclonic Vacuum for me?

Cyclonic vacuums have great qualities, but they are not for everyone. If you suffer from allergies, the Generation 2 series may be more suitable for you, Because the waste is contained in a bag, preventing you from getting into contact with the dust.

If you plan on vacuuming large volumes of liquids, the Automatik models will suit you better.

It is important to remember that Drainvac's cyclonic vacuum models are robust and versatile products. If you want a bagless vacuum cleaner, the Cyclonik series is the one for you. If not, you can opt for the Generation 2 or Automatik models. Whatever your preference is, all Drainvac units are designed with the same attention to detail and quality at our plant located in Quebec. You can never go wrong by trusting us!

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