A central vacuum is a very effective device for keeping your home clean and To thoroughly vacuum most surfaces. However, most vacuums can only handle solids.

But did you know that Drainvac specializes in central vacuum cleaners that can clean both solids and liquids?

In fact, the Automatik, Cyclonik and ProXtrak series are designed for vacuuming liquids and they have a lot of advantages :

1. You can Deal With the Unexpected Quickly

Imagine that you have a flood, water leak or a sewer backup and you do not have anything at your disposal to clean it. You must then run to the hardware store to purchase the necessary equipment. Meanwhile, the water keeps flowing in and causes huge amount of damage.

But if you have a wet and dry central vacuum, you can act as soon as a problem occurs, avoiding costly repairs and even save on premium insurance fees.

2. You Will Gain in Efficiency

Portable shop-vacs must be constantly emptied, which makes you lose efficiency and time. If for some reason you need to vacuum large volumes of water, you will save a lot of effort with a device like the Automatik that empties directly into the sewer, allowing you to clean continuously.

3. They require less maintenance

If you have a conventional central vacuum, you must already know that the tank must be emptied and the filter and bags must be changed regularly. However, since the Automatik empties itself automatically into the sewer, it is almost maintenance-free!

4. They are Perfect if You Suffer From Allergies

Since they are practically maintenance-free, you will never come in contact with dust. This makes the Automatik line perfect for allergy sufferers.

5. They can save your carpets

If you spill something that stains like cola or gravy, your first instinct is to clean it up with a towel or paper towel. This spreads the liquid and often makes things worst.

A central vacuum will allow you to clean a mess quickly and thoroughly without spreading it further. You can then apply a stain remover on your carpet.

6. It is an Ecological Solution

We may think that a device that empties into the sewer creates pollution. However, this is a myth! They are equipped with a filter that retains the bulky waste. So only the dust goes down the drain.

Whether you choose a central vacuum that can handle liquids or one that is limited to solids, all Drainvac products are built with quality in mind and are designed to deliver high performance!

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