If you have decided to get yourself a Cyclonik or an Automatik system (products that can vacuum liquids), you will not regret it. Whether it is to clean up a mess, to wash the floor, to deal with a flood or to simply provide yourself a greater peace of mind with a bag-less vacuum that drains automatically in the sewers, you will never want to go back to a regular system. However, know that necessary verifications of the pipeline must be taken beforehand.

Central Vacuum That Vacuums Only Dust

The functionality of a dry central vacuum is quite simple : the unit's motor starts up and produces a suction force that reaches the end of the floor brush. Then, the vacuumed waste goes through the hose and into the piping network. These pipelines are installed to optimize the movement of the dust and allow it to go into the tank.

Central Vacuum That Vacuums water

The functionality of a liquid central vacuum system is similar to a dry system, but several formalities must be respected to ensure an optimized functionality. The Drainvac installer or your retailer can check all that by giving a quick look into the wall inlets and by listening to the sound of the pipelines.

  1. First of all, the pipes must be properly glued together (and not just inserted into each other) for them to be waterproof. Also, the piping network must not be too worn-out.
  2. All inlets on the inferior floor level must have a p-trap to allow liquids to accumulate in the rounded part and to stagnate; a direct connection to the inlet will result into leaks from leftover liquids when the system is turned off.
  3. The same principle must be applied when meeting your pipes with a "Y" installation : the pipeline must go higher than the joined pipeline to prevent liquids from going back down.
  4. We also recommend to slightly incline your piping network by very little, which would help liquids to travel more easily throughout the network and into the tank.

Once again, all these formalities can be easily verified by an installer.The installation of a liquid central vacuum system involves therefore some verifications of your piping network. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us as it will be our pleasure to help you.

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