It is now the time to install the central vacuum that you chose for your business. Will you have it installed by a professional or will you do it yourself? Here are some tips to follow to make the right choice so that everything goes well.

Different configurations of a commercial central vacuum

Take the time to evaluate all the needs this device will fulfill to optimize its use. In the case of a hairdressing salon for example, the motor must not be located close to the customers in order to maintain a quiet environment and a low decibel level. But by moving the vacuum cleaner away, the travel distance to empty the tank is greatly increased. It is in this kind of situation where the separate motor head is a very advantageous option, reducing the noise for the customers and bringing the vacuum cleaner closer to the work space.

You can also consider installing a separator (without motor) near the cleaning area for it to collect the hair; then, only fine particles will reach the vacuum system. In short, evaluate all options, configurations and installations to enjoy the best possible system setup.

Profitability and accessibility

Profitability and accessibilityFor a large existing building without any piping system, installing one can be a significant investment. Sometimes, the building's setup can also make things technically challenging. Did you know that there is an alternative for these cases? For example, for a cleaning company that serves hotels or any other accommodation center, Drainvac has designed a mobile central vacuum. Being fully mobile, this 800 airwatt vacuum offers optimal power and a more adapted configuration compared to an upright vacuum or a compact one.

Electrical panel

It is important to provide an electrical circuit dedicated solely to the device and another circuit for each booster head. In other words, this means that the electrical outlet in which your central vacuum will be connected to must be dedicated only to this device and it must be the only outlet connected to the circuit breaker of your electrical panel.

In addition, be aware that the circuit breaker should have an amperage adapted to your device. You will find all the detailed information in the user manual.

So here are the guidelines to follow if you decide to install your commercial vacuum system yourself. However, if you prefer to leave this to professionals, these experienced people know all the nuances, warnings and instructions to follow so that the installation is optimal as much for the central vacuum, the piping network and the power supply. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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