In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have gained tremendous popularity among consumers. Yet, a classic central vacuum has nothing to envy to his fellow technology! Robotic vacuums may be suitable for those who want a light cleaning on a regular basis. But when it's time to really clean the floors, a central vacuum will be much more powerful, will clean every nook and cranny and will be just as easy to maintain!

Which one has the best quality/price ratio?

The comparison of the quality/price ratio between a residential central vacuum and a robot vacuum gives an unequivocal answer: a basic central vacuum has a suction power of 20 to 40 times greater than the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, at a similar price. Moreover, given that a central vacuum cleaner has a better durability, its long-term performance surpasses far beyond its competitor's.

Central Vacuum With Large Capacity Canister

In addition, a central vacuum's capacity is much greater than a robot vacuum. You should also know that an automated vacuum cleaner still requires the owner's involvement; for some, the small container must frequently be emptied manually. Moreover, Drainvac has the perfect solution to facilitate the use of a vacuum cleaner: the Automatik series. By emptying automatically into the sewers, this central vacuum requires virtually no maintenance! And by adding a retractable hose system in the wall (the Retraflex), cleaning is done in a jiffy!

In short, carefully evaluate your needs before choosing one or the other. Even if the robot vacuum seems easier to use a priori, do not forget that there are several solutions to make cleaning a home easier with a central vacuum, as well as having a much better suction power!

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