It is done, you have chosen your central vacuum and it is now time to set it up. Will you choose to install it by a professional or will you do the job by yourself? Here are some valuable tips to follow in order to make the right decision.

Central Vacuum Installation by Professionals

An installation by a professional is without a doubt the option we recommend. It is beneficial for you to hire an experimented installer as you will be assured to get an excellent installation and vacuum quality and everything should be up and running within the same day.

Installation services are offered by Drainvac on the south shore of Montreal (Quebec) and by any authorized dealer. To find the nearest certified Drainvac dealer, visit "Retailers" found on the horizontal menu on the top of this page.

Central Vacuum Self-Installation

Are you the type of handyman that installs everything on your own? Then it is very important to read the owner's manual thoroughly in order to succeed your installation.

Planning the installation process is a crucial step if you want your central vacuum to operate in the most optimal manner. First and foremost, determine beforehand where the unit will be installed by evaluating the occupied space and the noise emitted by it. That being said, you can contemplate about the separated head option available on certain models.

Next, each wall inlet's emplacement must be figured out properly and carefully: you can use our advice on the subject as reference. Then, your piping network can be planned out. Do not forget that a central vacuum that picks up liquids requires special attention for the installation.

Do not hesitate to ask a qualified electrician for any technical support as it may come in handy for projects of this kind. Finally, when everything is installed, do not forget to verify your work, make sure all inlets have the same optimal suction power.

In conclusion, will you be doing the job by yourself or will you be hiring a professional installer? The decision belongs to you. But do not hesitate to contact us as it will be our pleasure to help you.

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