Before setting up your central vacuum, defining the number of wall inlets that you will install and the length of the hose which will be used is crucial information as it may influence the choice of your next system. Here is some advice to follow.

Where to install the wall inlets?

Set your wall inlet in strategic areas, preferably at the centre of the living space and not at the extremities, thus reaching the entire perimeter with a shorter hose. The inlet should also give you access to other rooms of the house.

Easy access to the wall inlets

When installing a new pipeline, avoid setting up any inlet in an area where furniture or household appliances could be placed in the future. Wall inlets must be easily accessible at all times without anything obstructing their door panel.

Hose length for a central vacuum

As the airflow travels throughout the pipeline and into the hose, turbulence is created and power is lost progressively. Ideally, the hose should reach a maximum of 12.2 metres (40 feet). Exceeding the recommended hose length may result in excessive power loss, therefore a more powerful system will be required to compensate. During the installation process, we recommend placing the inlets so that a 12.2 m (40 ft) hose or less can cover the entire surface area.

Test the wall inlets layout

To be certain about your inlets' locations, test them out. Walk through every room and make sure that your hose can cover every corner by considering all the furniture and appliances which the room will be filled with. Remember to install at least one inlet per floor level.

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