Proper Central Vacuum for Car Wash

Whether you own a car dealership, a car rental company, or a car wash, having the proper cleaning equipment will save you a lot of trouble.

When every minute counts, efficiency is a major concern, but providing the employees a safe working environment is also very important.

Choosing a Safe Solution

Tripping, slipping and loss of balance are the main causes of workplace accidents, especially in car washes. As an employer, you must do everything you can to ensure the safety of your employees.

Many establishments use portable vacuum cleaners, but they are a source of accidents. The user must constantly drag the unit across the workplace while it is plugged in, creating tripping hazards. But this type of hazard can be avoided with a central vacuum. In addition to the central unit, a reeling system such as the VacReel can also help avoid tripping accidents by keeping the vacuum’s hose closer and stored away in an orderly manner.

Workers must also constantly empty the tank when it is full. Lifting heavy loads can increase the risk of back injury.

Vacuum Cleaner for Liquids

It is possible to opt for a central vacuum cleaner that can vacuum liquids in addition to solids to wash the cars’ interior with soap and water.

Although portable vacuums can pick up liquids as well, some central vacuum models are also designed to empty themselves automatically into the sewer, meaning post-cleaning maintenance becomes non-existent. This setup is a quick, efficient, and safe solution.

Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Regular exposure to high noise levels can cause permanent damage to your hearing and those of your employees. It can also become annoying as it hinders communication between colleagues.

A central vacuum system allows you to limit the noise in your car wash by installing the motor in another room than the workplace.

Customized Cleaning System

Aside from choosing the motor’s placement, a central vacuum cleaner is very advantageous because it is highly customizable. Depending on your needs, you can choose the motor’s placement, their quantities and power. It is even possible to install a self-service system so customers can clean their vehicles by themselves.

Whether you have a new or an old cleaning business and want to be more efficient, the central vacuum is a powerful, safe, and customizable solution. By opting for central system, you will save time, ensure your employees’ safety, and have a customized system that meets your needs.

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