Allergy problems affect almost one in three people and the numbers continue to grow every year. Dust found in the air can contain mites, pet hair, pet dander, fungus spores, and more. In addition, increased use of cleaning products and aerosols can increase the risk of developing an allergy and intensifies the symptoms in those who already suffer from them.

Principal Symptoms of Respiratory Allergies

  • Nasal itching
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Inflammation of the nasal mucosa

Basic Precautions Concerning the Allergies

  • Remove rugs and carpets.
  • Clean your house more frequently and use a mixture of warm water and vinegar rather than off-the-shelf products where possible.
  • Try to use a vacuum cleaner that expels dirt down the drain rather than one that releases soiled air into the home. An external air outlet or the use of an Activac 3 filter are very good alternatives.
  • Use non-allergenic bedding made from synthetic materials.

Recommendations to Purchase a Central Vacuum

The use of a portable vacuum that expels soiled air into the home should obviously be avoided by people sensitive to airborne allergens. The majority of Drainvac central vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to minimize the release of allergens into the air.

The Automatik model is particularly recommended because the material it picks up is drained into the sewer system. The dust picked up is mixed with water at the unit’s inlet, and when a certain liquid level is reached, it is evacuated down the drain. In addition, the unit is designed to pick up liquids so you can also clean floors and even mattresses with this model. It cleans and vacuums at the same time! It is the perfect choice.

Another solution is to choose a unit that uses a dust bag and an antimicrobial SMS filter. You then simply connect the unit to an exterior air outlet or you can use a Activac 3 HEPA filter, which also has an activated carbon membrane to eliminate odors.

For more information about Drainvac’s Automatik, please follow this link.

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