Introducing Drainvac's 40th anniversary unit featuring a large-capacity canister of 9 gal. / 41 L and a soundproofed head equipped with a durable 700 AW motor that can easily cover up to 8,500 square feet of cleaning surfaces.

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  • Solid


  • Large-capacity canister (41 L)
  • Whisper-quiet motor (only 62 decibels) with twice the longevity of regular models
  • A tree is planted for each device sold!
  • Soundproofed casing
  • Permanent SMS filter
  • 3-ply fabric dust bag included
  • Small muffler included
Drainvac central vacuum - Heritage 700 AW | Drainvac central vacuum - Heritage 700 AW

Technical specifications


Air Watts 700
mmH2O 3500
m3/h 246
Decibels 62
Motor(s) 1
Amps 7.4
Capacity 41 L 9 gal.
Size 38 cm dia. x 70 cm 15” dia x 28”


Never vacuum flammable or gaseous material with your Drainvac system. See user manual.

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