The variety of available devices can seem abundant when looking for a compact and economic central vacuum. They exist in all sizes, at all prices and with a whole lot of different options and configurations. Fortunately, Drainvac offers the possibility of finding the perfect central vacuum for small spaces and limited budgets!

Affordable & Powerful Central Vacuums
It is entirely possible to find a very performing central vacuum, even with a limited budget. The Pro series, our most affordable line, offers reliable and powerful models which are very compact but also offers large capacity units, depending on your needs and available space!
Compact Central Vacuums
A large capacity canister reduces the number of times the dust bag needs to be replaced, which makes you save on the long run. But in cases where space is limited, know that the S1000 and Pro series have the most compact models among all of our range of products, taking only 58 cm (23 in) in height and 30 cm (12 in) in diameter. The Generation 2 is another line to consider when shopping for an affordable and performing central vacuum. Offering a wide variety of models, this series is equipped with a muffler, a permanent filter, dust bags and a large capacity tank. In short, you are better off exploring the Pro, S1000 and Generation 2 series for an economic and compact central vacuum. Theses models will do wonders in your cleaning tasks! Do not hesitate to try the advanced research (also known as the quiz) which will guide you with your vacuum choice.

La série Génération 2 est une autre gamme qui peut être considérée lors de la recherche d'un aspirateur central économique et performant. Offrant une grande variété de modèles, cette série est équipée d'un moteur silencieux, d'un filtre permanent, de sacs de récupération et d'une cuve de grande capacité.

Bref, pour acheter un aspirateur central économique et compact, mieux vaut explorer les séries Pro, S1000 et Génération 2. Ces modèles vous accompagneront à merveille dans vos projets de nettoyage! N'hésitez pas à essayer la recherche avancée (également nommée «quiz») qui vous guidera dans le choix de votre aspirateur.

Central Vacuum Residential Installation
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Indoor Or Outdoor Exhaust
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