November 28, 2018

Central Vacuum Wall Inlets

Before setting up your central vacuum, defining the number of wall inlets that you will install and the length of the hose which will be used is crucial information as it may influence the choice of y...

November 14, 2018

Airflow VS Waterlift

Having trouble deep cleaning your carpet? Do you need to go over the same spot several times? On the hunt for a new central vacuum, you tell yourself: "I need a vacuum with the highest power in airwat...

March 6, 2017

Protect The Central Vacuum From Vacuumed Bags

Oversized items get tangled onto the rods, never interferes with the airflow and are easy to remove. It is the ideal add-on to your vacuum system if you have a car wash with multiple cleaning bays....

March 2, 2017

Central Vacuum For Allergy Sufferers

Principal symptoms of respiratory allergies nasal itchingsneezingnasal congestioninflammation of the nasal mucosaBasic precautions concerning the allergies Remove rugs and carpets.Clean your house mor...

July 20, 2016

Body Shops: What’s The Best Way of Getting Rid of Aluminum Dust?

The news website RDN (Repairer Driven News), founded and established by the SCRS (Society of Collision Repair Specialists), recently published an article warning the industry about aluminum dust. Alth...